About Cylvan

Our products are limited, exclusive and personal.

Cylvan is a fashion brand, that wants to follow new paths.

We are combining modern design with high quality materials and assemble them in a sustainable production process. 


Good design has no expiry date.

We aspire to create timeless garments rather then trendbased fashion. Therefore we do not follow a biannual collection cycle. We follow our own rhythm.

We publish our products when we consider them well thought out and ready. No deadline pressure creates an environment where the focus on the products is the center and this motivates to work more effective.

Our motivation

Our motivation is to use the knowledge we gained to create positive change within the fashion industry and share it with others.

We would like contribute to creating a world, where we coexist responsibly and develop sustainably on our common planet.

Design and production

Made in Europe

All products incorporate our values.

We only work with manufacturers, that meet our quality expectation and social standards.

Our first products were produced with a small manufacturer close to where we grew up in the south of Germany. So it was possible to see the production conditions and communicate in native dialect.

We want to reshape the way clothing is consumed and produced

Find out more about how we at Cylvan want to produce and change sustainable fashion for men. In our blog section we collect background infos and design stories to make our process transparent for you.

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Without middleman directly to the customer

We offer premium products, without any additional costs as we skip the traditional retail process and directly ship to you.


Cylvan combines design, fashion und digital know how

Our key asset is a combination of yearlong experience in the field of fashion and digital design, which we use to rethink the project processes and internal structures.

It is the mix of insider knowledge, common sense and contemporary thinking, that allows Cylvan to differ from others.

We try to rethink the details in every garment and give them a contemporary look.

As we strongly believe in the craft-aspect of garment making, we invested in the machinery that allows us to develop in-house prototypes. This puts us in the position, that we can manufacture small series within our own studio and also provide a made-to-measure service.

Limited editions

Here are two of our latest products.

Who are we

Manuel Ruben Hallermeier

Manuel is educated as a fashion designer at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and responsible for the product development at Cylvan. The Studies and experiences while working for other labels contributed to following his own approach of how to create garments.

Jonas Arleth

Jonas is also educated as a designer, but in the digital sector. His responsiblity is everything web-related and the general appearance of Cylvan. In addition he covers online marketing, startegies and the business aspects.

What to expect in the future?

We aim to provide you with garments that you enjoy to wear and fill a need within your closet.

That is also why we would like to incorporate you in the decision making of what is demanded. We will work on different styles in the background and then put up versions. Your choice will influence what goes in production.

If you want to be a part of the development steps just sign up for the newsletter. This is how we spread our product ideas in the future.

Cylvan is and will remain transparent.

We strongly aim to keep Cylvan away from following the corporate fashion idea, regardless of our growth. Our offer should always maintain a personal note.

We would like to inform you about how our products are designed and how we grow Cylvan. In the journal section you can already find some of these stories.

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