Why we focus on menswear

three men wearing a suit

The aspects of motivation, experience and expertise combined are why we choose to offer menswear products.

Considering the amount of garments each individual owns and wears throughout the course of a lifetime it is almost fair to say that everybody has some expertise or at least valuable opinions about garments. May these opinions be about the function, the fit or the aesthetics – regardless it is undeniable fact that the biggest part of the western population have to make a consumer choice when it comes to how to dress oneself. And even total rejection of making an active decision results in an visual expression, that oneself communicates to the outside world.

Why we like to create

Spending some years with intensifying our knowledge about how garments are produced, how garments are sold and how garments influence ourselves in our daily lives, we wanted to combine the experience of our past and the principles that we encountered and adopted regarding aesthetics and ethics.

We also believe that it is an innate human trait to create. So even if we live in world where our hands are mostly touching keyboards or screens it is a different experience to experience the haptics of different surfaces or feel the weight of a fabric. So once oneself starts to engage in the craft behind a garment and experiences the satisfaction by creating a product it is a difficult question of how much of this experience is lost when it is only done digitally. Therefore our approach to making garments is more a quest to explore current and future ways of how a garment cycle can look like, especially regarding the role of the human in the process of automatisation.

What can we bring to the table

Now when it comes to how our expertise is built up, we both have sharpened our eye for the details, that truly make up the essence of the aesthetic dimension within menswear. Manuel has absolved studies with a focus on menswear tailoring and pattern cutting. Both of our knowledge brought together initiates vivid discussions around the ethics of our current garment production systems and how to best contribute.

But it is also our conviction that in a world where basically everyone is in a position to find a producer for anything, it is very important to stick to what your core is. In our case we made a decision to stick to menswear, because this is where we can unite our motivation, experience and expertise.