Why we don't run discounts at CYLVAN

We are not a discount brand

What is the normal way most fashion brands operate?

They produce a product, put them in their store and then wait a few weeks, or months until they need to get rid of their stock. So they run a discount. 

So many businesses operate this way.  

Slowly, they train all their customers to wait and buy later. Now, their customers only buy when there is a discount.

Beside the aspect, that we don’t think this is the right way to operate, it’s almost impossible for us as well.  

We work with natural and sustainable resources and care about the production process, avoiding dead stock and therefore, there isn’t much space for discounting a garment.

We are proud to have higher expenses than the fast fashion industry. They can run a sale because their production price is just a fraction of what they normally want you to pay for it in stores.  

But think about what they do by running a sale. They reward the people who wait and not the core followers, who actively want to support you realising this product.

We reward our most loyal customers by giving them the best deal

Our most loyal customers are the ones who buy early. But what happens, if we would lower the product price later. Our best customers who buy as soon as they could got the worst deal. They would have been betrayed.

Imagine you bought something today at full price only to see the price drop a few days later.

You were slightly too early. How would that make you feel? It’s terrible, right?

We at CYLVAN don't think that sounds logical

After we launch a new product in our store, we give our most loyal customers the chance to buy it at the best and lowest price we will ever offer. We make it available at a compelling introductory rate.

Loyal customers are the ones who already bought something before and have a higher interest in new products. Thats why we inform them before we make our products available for the public.

But here comes the important part: The price never comes back down. When it goes up, it stays up. This is the only way to reward loyal buyers. If the price ever were to come back down, it would punish our very best customers! That doesn't make sense for us.

We don’t want to devaluate our garment

When a buyer purchases a discounted product, they don’t see the original price as the value anymore. They value it at the discounted amount. As an example: A 200€ sweater on sale for 100€ is no longer a 200€ product, it’s a 100€ product.

Since we don't work in a collection cycle, we also don't have the pressure to replace a garment with a new one. We have them in our store until they are sold out. We don’t run a discount just to get them out of stock. We try to make our fashion timeless. That means it is not oriented towards a trend that may no longer be viable in six months.