That's what we pay attention to when we design a shirt

What is it that motivates us to develop shirts when there is an enormous amount of shirts available at all price ranges imaginable?

Starting from the issue of over consumption and the abundant offer of clothes it is the target to bring something to the market, which satisfies our ethical and aesthetic standards and offers a counter position to main stream fashion.

Our products are at this stage only produced in small quantities and in collaboration with a local manufacturer, where our experiences in realising the shirt together with our supplier, including face to face meetings, elevates the final result and incorporates a social side note.

Our design principles aim at developing products that withstand the shift of seasons by using the pattern cutting and tailoring assets, that we acquired over the years. The core of all our designs is based on the pattern cutting techniques combined with ethical material choices.
We are dedicated to the use of natural components, when it comes to the fabrics, as well as buttons and other components

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Shirt button detail

Design understanding

The development of the design understanding also includes research from areas like cognitive science, which very much deals with how we actually perceive our surroundings including clothing. Therefore questions of how to alter traditional items like a menswear shirt lead us to designs, where we play with the visual effects that garments naturally inherit and try to adjust and twist the construction of details in a manner that challenges the eye of the professional and amateur.

Additionally our production processes combines manual, digital and 3D pattern options, which reflects our interest and research in how contemporary clothing can be made.